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Current Market Collection

The housing market is ever-evolving, but postcards in our Current Market Collection are designed and continuously updated to help you meet every moment and connect with homeowners as the go-to local real estate expert.

One all-inclusive price* gives you:
  • Smart Targeted Mailing List
  • Home Value Estimate Map
  • Fast Track Enabled
  • Standard Class Postage and Delivery
  • And much more!
  • Premium 130 lb. Gloss Cover cardstock
  • *Special discounts available for specific participating agencies.
    *See Product Pricing for Volume and other Discounts.
$1.04 each Jumbo size (8.5" x 5.5")

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When you can adapt, you can succeed. The housing market is ever evolving, but you can capitalize on every opportunity to connect to homeowners by sending out postcards from our Current Market Collection. The timely messages and eye-catching designs make these postcards perfect for meeting every moment as the go-to local real estate expert.

One all-inclusive price* gives you:
  • Smart Targeted Mailing List
  • Home Value Estimate Map
  • Standard Class Postage and Delivery
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Volume Discounts
  • Premium 130 lb. Gloss Cover cardstock
  • No set-up fees
  • *Special discounts available for specific participating agencies
  • Jumbo Postcard IconJumbo Size (8.5" x 5.5")
  • Premium Paper IconPremium Paper Stock
  • Full Color IconFull Color on Both Sides
Smart Target Mailing List focused on areas where:
  • You personally have listings/sales, or
  • Your office is well perceived in areas where there is a high turn rate (% of units sold annually).
  • For agents using our Target Farming tools, we recommend mailing these cards into your farm areas.
Home Value Estimator
  • Generates leads in real time
  • Sends you instant notifications for quick and easy follow-up
  • Free and featured on all reports and postcards

Jumbo - 8.5" x 5.5"

Volume Discounts


Price Each

Under 500
500 - 999
1000 - 4999
5000 +

Volume Discounts
(For Agents Mailing Target Farm Reports)


Price Each

Under 500
500 - 999
1000 - 4999
5000 +
Volume Discount applies to the total quantity of eligible items in your shopping cart; items must be purchased during a single checkout session.
Yes. There is a 100-postcard minimum for all orders.
Yes. All our postcards are printed on Premium 130 lb. Gloss Cover Cardstock. Printing is full color on both sides.
We provide Homeowner names and addresses of all streets, subdivisions, and or/condos where transactions occur and also provide mailing lists of similar areas. You will have the ability to mail to the default Homeowners or change to Situs only or to mail to both situs and Home Owners. You may always upload any mailing list of your choosing by following our instructions and format requirements, found under “Upload Your Own List” (in the “Edit Mail List” area when editing your postcard).
Uploaded lists must be in a .csv text file format. Excel, FoxPro, Outlook, and most other programs will have a way for you to export your list as a .csv text file.
Your list should contain the following column headers in the first row of data: LastName, FirstName, SpouseName, Street, City, State, Zip. All columns are required to be filled, except "SpouseName" (which is the spouse’s first name).
NOTE: If your list uses one column to combine first and last names, instead of putting them in separate columns, place the full names in the "LastName" column.
Our program automatically populates a mailing list based on the neighborhood where the transaction took place rather than a simple radius around the sale/listing.  The list is created from Tax Roll Data and is CASS certified before mailing.
We automatically generate a mailing list of 250 homeowners. You can easily add or remove owners from the list by using our filtering options in the mail list section. The minimum mail list requirement is 100 addresses. You and our associates can easily add or remove owners from the list.
Yes. Our program allows you to choose other neighborhoods or streets to add to your mailing list.
Postcards are generally mailed Standard Bulk/Business Class but, for an additional charge, may be mailed First Class.
To add another agent’s photo, name, and contact information to your postcard while editing it, simply select Agent Photo Layout. Here you can elect to have separate information and photos by using the Two Portrait Photos layout, or (if you have a joint photo that is a wide photo) you can choose the Wide Team Photo layout. If you are having any issues uploading the photo yourself, please email Final costs for postcard orders can also be split between agents.
Jumbo (industry standard) 8.5” x 5.5”
Yes. Extra copies are available to order. The minimum order for extra copies is 100 pieces.
Postcards are printed and sent to the post office within 2 business days (excluding select holidays) of order confirmation.
The typical method of delivery is Standard Bulk/Business Class mail, which can take anywhere from 10 to 15 business days to arrive. Agents can upgrade to First Class mail for an additional charge per Jumbo size postcard OR by opting to use the Standard size (4” x 6”) postcard, which is automatically mailed First Class and takes 5 to 7 business days to be delivered. Jumbo postcards provide additional space to convey your message and the large size further enables it to stand out in a pile of mail.
Yes. We will automatically mail a copy of the postcard to your office address.  If you prefer we mail it to your home address, you can make this change by going to My Account – Personal Settings – Mailing Address Options, Check the box “Send mailings of my personal copies to this address,” enter your address, and click Save(fastest method). You may also email it to us at
While our system does CASS certify all mailing lists, some addresses may still be incorrect.  Our CASS rate is over 98% accurate on average. If you choose First-Class mail, you may receive returns due to no forwarding address on file or an expired forwarding address.
You can change the font style, size and color for the property description on the back of the postcard. All the other text on the postcard is automatically generated and selected for optimal readability, so that font cannot be changed.
Yes, you can upload a new custom front image by following the specifications under Upload Front when editing your postcard. Uploading a custom back is not available at this time.
If you don’t see your headshot on the postcard, you can upload it by going to My Account – Personal Settings – Profile photos (fastest method), or you can email your photo to us at
The map is a real-time lead generating Home Value Estimator (HVE) feature, available for free on Target Farming Reports and most Postcards. Homeowners are drawn to a map showing their home and various listed and sold homes in the surrounding area. A unique code (or QR code, if selected) is provided for them to access information about the value of their home at When they visit the website, you instantly receive real-time leads with available homeowner contact information for following up. If you are ordering non-addressed postcards, entering individual names to mail to, or uploading your own list, one unique code will be used for all recipients, and you will not receive a notification. In this case, the recipient will be prompted to enter their address to receive an estimate. In non-disclosure states, an estimate will not be provided; however, it will show the list price trend for the county as well as a list of similar properties that are on the market or have been sold. A call to action will be in place of the estimate, prompting the homeowner to reach out to you as the Local Real Estate Specialist.
A Notification email will be sent when the postcard has been processed and mailed. You will also have a link in your purchase receipt to a tracking report called Informed Visibility from the U.S. Post Office to look at the delivery status of your postcard. This information is also available under My Account – Order History.
Yes, we have multiple options including Agent Introduction Postcards (in our Specialty Category), cards available through the Promotional Postcard Scheduler, and Target Farming Reports. Target Farming Reports provide a great way to establish yourself as the neighborhood expert, supplying homeowners with valuable data-driven information unique to the street, subdivision or condo. Reports are regularly mailed to your own exclusive farming report communities, positioning you as the local area expert.
Printed colors may not match perfectly to what you see on your monitor or printer due to variations in computer and print technology, as well as varying levels of paper saturation. Printers calibrate automatically to ensure the best possible quality in printed materials. Quality control is very important to us, and we do our best to ensure the best quality in everything that leaves our facility. However, RSP USA does not assume liability for customer-generated errors in content, margins/bleeds, or typos.
At the time your order leaves our facility, it has been inspected multiple times for quality assurance, including making sure the ink is dry. Once it leaves our facility, it goes into the United States Postal Service (USPS) mail stream. Every day, USPS delivers hundreds of millions of pieces of mail. To achieve this, the postal service relies on heavy-duty sorting machines which grip and roll mailed pieces as it is sorted into bins based on zip codes. Your mail may go through several sorting machines on the way to your chosen recipients. Sometimes, this equipment can leave scuff marks or toner behind, or in rare cases even tear or crumple the mail.

Postcards sent via First Class that are deemed undeliverable to the addressee by USPS are particularly vulnerable to scuffing. This is because USPS takes additional steps to attempt to deliver this class of mail, including sending it through sorters additional times to ensure that they are truly “undeliverable.” If your address is outside of the targeted area, the chances of your mailed copy smudging may also increase. However, just because your card (or a few cards in your order) have smudges, it does not mean that your entire order does. This is because most of the newer postal machines have an automatic adjuster that will adjust the settings in the machine if they detect that something is off; typically, only a few cards go through before it adjusts its settings.