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HOT LEADS are 4 TIMES MORE LIKELY TO LIST than the typical homeowner!
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Fast Track Cards Leverage HOT LEADS

Stay in touch with HOT LEADS when homeowners:
  • Get an estimate of their home's value; or
  • Get more info about the property in your Just Listed card; or
  • Get more info about Active Listings in your Neighborhood Report
Once the lead comes in, FAST TRACK cards are mailed:
  • Once every week for up to 8 weeks.
  • You have the option to select which postcards to mail.
  • Cards are mailed FIRST CLASS to ensure timely delivery.

FAST TRACK cards are a great way to stay in front of qualified HOT LEADS! They significantly increase your business by continuing to build perceptions of you as the local real estate expert! The first FAST TRACK card is mailed after the lead comes in and will continue each week for the number of weeks you decide to mail. Once FAST TRACK is setup above, it is on auto-pilot working to maximize your opportunity on every HOT LEAD!

Special FAST TRACK Features:
  • After your lead comes in the first FAST TRACK card is mailed 1st class the next business day
  • Each week another FAST TRACK card is mailed 1st class for the number of weeks you choose (3 to 8)
  • The cards continue to build perceptions of you as the local real estate expert among qualified HOT LEADS
  • Very inexpensive to stay in touch with HOT LEADS that are 4 times more likely to LIST than the typical homeowner!
  • No set-up fees ... just turn it on above and forget it
  • Jumbo Postcard IconJumbo Size (8.5" x 5.5")
  • Premium Paper IconPremium Card Stock (130 lb. Gloss Cover)
  • Full Color IconFull Color on Both Sides
Provides a great way to stay in front of qualified HOT LEADS* that come to you when Prospects get an estimate of their home's value from MyHomeEst.com.
* For each qualified lead, RSP sends you an email and text message with the prospects name, mailing address and (if available) phone number and email address to allow you to immediately follow-up. For agents with limited time, FAST TRACK cards do this follow-up work for you!

Jumbo - 8.5" x 5.5" mailed first class


Cost Per Lead

3 cards mailed over 3 weeks
4 cards mailed over 4 weeks
5 cards mailed over 5 weeks
6 cards mailed over 6 weeks
7 cards mailed over 7 weeks
8 cards mailed over 8 weeks
Analysis of thousands of leads generated from MyHomeEst.com show that they are 4 times more likely to LIST their home than the typical homeowner. This makes intuitive sense as the lead went to the trouble of obtaining an estimate on the value of their home on MyHomeEst.com.
The first postcard is mailed first class the first business day after the lead was generated, and the remaining cards at one week intervals until the quantity you selected (3 to 8 cards) is exhausted.
Whatever agent(s) were included in the postcard or neighborhood farm report that created the lead are shown in Fast Track postcards. For example, if an agent mails a Just Listed postcard by themself, then Fast Track will only use that agent's photo and contact info from the Just Listed postcard. However, if that same agent joins up with another agent on the next Just Listed postcard, then any hot lead produced by that mailing would show both agent's information in Fast Track. Bottom line, Fast Track always uses the agent(s) shown in the material that produced the lead.
Your card is charged whenever your Fast Track account needs to be replenished. For example, when the very first Fast Track postcard is mailed your card is charged $25.

Then for each HOT LEAD, the cost of the series of Fast Track cards you selected are subtracted from your Fast Track account at the time the first card is printed for that lead.

Once your Fast Track account is exhausted, it is replenished with another $25 charge to your card on file.
Yes. Each time you are sent a HOT LEAD the email will include a button that allows you to cancel Fast Track postcards for that particular lead. If Fast Track is cancelled prior to the printing of the first card there is no charge to your Fast Track account. Once the first card in your Fast Track series has been mailed, you may still cancel the remainder of cards in that series but no refund will be issued.

Further, at any time you can go to the 'Account' area in RSPusa.com where you can view a summary of your 'Leads'. The 'Leads' summary not only shows you which leads were mailed with Fast Track but also gives you the ability to cancel the balance of the mailing not completed for a particular lead.
It comes only from qualified HOT LEADS such as homeonwers wanting to get an estimate of the value of their property or who want more information on an active featured listing you sent them.
For each lead, one card is mailed per week and you choose how many weeks to mail (the option is between 3 to 8 weeks).
Yes. You can choose from a selection of Fast Track postcards and put them in the order you prefer.
Fast Track postcards are always mailed First Class to ensure timely and quick delivery to your HOT LEADS.
Yes. Fast Track postcards are printed on Premium Cardstock (130 lb. Gloss Cover). Printing is full color on both sides.
You are notified on the first mailing for each lead to let you know the Fast Track postcard are starting to go out but you are not notified at the time each individual postcard is mailed.
Postcards are printed and sent to the post office the first business day after the lead is generated.
The average time for delivery of First Class postcards is 5 to 7 business days.
No, because Fast Track postcards are mailed individually one week at a time they are an "exception" to typical mailed materials.
While our system does CASS certify all mailing lists, some addresses may still be incorrect.  Our CASS rate is over 98% accurate on average. With First-Class mail, you may receive returns due to no forwarding address on file or an expired forwarding address.
The graphics on the front of Fast Track cards along with the words on the back have already been optimized to tell a story. In addition, the entire program is meant to be easy and seamless so as a result manual edits are not allowed.